Full Immersion

Focusing on virtual reality we build worlds and enable abilities that will take you beyond reality and puts you, front and center, in the driving seat.

Latest Technologies

We utilise the latest up to date technologies to make sure we can develop on the bleeding edge of quality without sacrificing gaming stability.

Highest Quality

Leveraging all of the latest technologies we create the highest quality assets possible, using max definition and scaling down dynamically.

Unique Creative Process

We not only develop for certain platforms, we also utilise those platforms to collaborate. Meeting up in our virtual boardroom to engage our imaginations.



Brothers. Gamers. Developers.

From a very young age, we both started playing video games, our father was a gamer before gamers were a thing and we were lucky enough to have all the consoles and get to watch him play all the games.

When we were old enough, we started playing video games together. Our passion and imagination sky rocketed for all video games, this dynamic, and highly driven creative process, has exponentially grown from when we were teenagers. Now being adults, we still share that same headspace, and expand our creative thinking into SpectreGames.



EvoMan is a virtual reality game centered on the evolution of man. To be released in chapters of generations and ages starting in the ocean, moving to caves and eventually exploring the cosmos.

Experience life as a caveman in the first chapter of this title. Taking you through the discovery of fire and creation of weapons all the way to building and cultivating your own settlement.


We utilise Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to create triple A graphics on an indie game development budget.

We are not limited to any specific platforms, however we do actively develop and test with Oculus, PC and PlayStation 5.

No. We do not limit ourselves to our own artistic and creative style, we utilise Quixel Megascans and other marketplaces to engage and support other artists and developers in our field and provide unlimited artistic diversity to our experiences. Whilst supporting and showcasing other indie designers and developers.